What is Lokomotiva
Programme structure of Lokomotiva

Project 2005

  • Presentation of documentary films “Geto 103” by Jane Altiparmakov and “o.18 hours pmg” by Filip Grcevski in the Prohelvetia gallery- Press to exit
  • Video dance festival Forward motions – ( every Thursday in February in the British Council in Macedonia )
  • Participation on the ARCO- Madrid on the new media arts exhibition “ The making of Balkan Warwith the partners from Greece “Personal Cinema”
  • Individual exhibition Gordana Dautovska ''Breathing'' – as a part of the Arts Spots project aiming on introducing art to public. more...
  • Arts spots is long term project that is consisted from different projects and its general aim is to develop platform for producing and presenting art works outside of the established art spaces, in the public spaces sites, areas, media. more...
  • Pre- production of Documentary film “ Brain Drain”
  • ArtSpots – second exhibition - Natasha Dimitrievska - ''Unfinished Project'' video more..
  • “The making of Balkan War” new media arts exhibition with the partners from Greece “Personal Cinema” – Museum of City of Skopje
  • Domino project - audio visual workshop on local level
  • Five participants learning for the process of production
  • Domino project - audio visual workshop on local level (Five participants producing short dvd films /in collaboration with Nashe Maalo production/)
  • Domino project 5-12 July, Ohrid- part of the project - audio visual production workshop on international level (Macedonian, French, Belgian, Serbian participants)on theme ‘'Urban portrait''
  • “As you like it” – Project with Nurnberg Ballet and Skopje summer festival- 8-12 July, Skopje . On the Skopje ‘'kej'' 13 th of November as a part of the ArtSpots concept
  • Pre-production of documentary film ‘'Holly mother''- directed by Igor Tosevski
  • Domino Project – 20 September- 04 october, Marseille - part of the project - editing of the documentary material shot in Ohrid
  • Russell Maliphant Dance Company... more
  • Thomas Guggi and Didier Theron ... more