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Enter Achilles, dance video, 45`
DV8 Physical Theatre
Originally created for the stage by Lloyd Newson and DV8 Physical Theatre
A DV8 Films production for the BBC in association with RM Associates
video label =  Dance Videos; 45 мин. © BBC 1996; license holder = Digital Classics
Screening is supported by: British Council in Macedonia


performers: Gabriel Castillo, Jordi Cortes Molina, David Emanuel, Ross Hounslow, Jeremy James, Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola, Liam Steel, Robert Tannion;
costumes by: Christopher Oram, Claire Anderson, Fiona Chilcott
art director: Sam Riley
designer: Michael Howells
music by: Adrian Johnston
editor: John Costelloe
director of photography: Nils Post
executive producer: Bob Lockyer
producer: David Stacey
•  Jury Prize  Montreal Festival for Films on Art 1998, Montreal
•  Emmy Award  1997, Performing Arts, New York
•  Golden Spire  Performance Special, San Francisco Film Festival 1997
•  Prix du Ministre-Président  First Screening Stage Arts Festival 1997, Brussells
•  Prix Italia  Special Prize - Television, Music & Arts, 1996
•  Best Stage Performance Reworked for the Camera  IMZ Dance Screen 1996
•  Special Prize  6th Golden Antenna Television Festival 1996

Video cover notes ...
A funny, cruel exploration of the male psyche, Enter Achilles is set in a typical British pub, a shabby, nicotine-stained boozer. Pop songs tumble out of the jukebox, there is football on the TV, and the eight men lark around, pint glasses in hand. But their blokish fun is balanced on a knife-edge of tension, for beneath the mateyness lurks a disturbing undercurrent of paranoia and insecurity, where weakness is brutally exploited and violence covers up vulnerability.