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HOMO CANIS_urka boljkovac (189)

Choreography and performance: Kire Gjorevski (MK)
Duration: 15`

This performance is about the metamorphosis of a human body into an animal. The choreographer has developed a method of expressing hidden emotions through body movements.

Kire Gorevski (1982, Bitola, Macedonia) graduated in 2006 at the NATFA Krstyo Sarafov  in Sofia, Bulgaria, specializing in pantomime.
He attended various contemporary dance workshops and classes with Mila Iskrenova, Liz Lea, Matei Keijar,  Iskra Šukarova, Jurij Konjar, Selma Banić, Iuliana Saiska, Francesco Scavetta, Isabelle Schad, Mala Kline, etc.
He has taken part in a number of theatre and dance performances, danced at the Sfumato Тheatre, in Program EXIT Part 1: Astapovo Station, directed by Ivan Dobchev; Program EXIT Part 2: Station Elabuga, directed by Margarita Mladenova, choreography by Linga Swicerland.
He took part in the Dance Formation of the  Ivan Vazov National Theatre in Bulgaria, choreographed by Mila Iskrenova; IMAGO, a contemporary dance performance by Violeta Vitanova and Stanislav Genadiev; Orpheus, a pantomime and physical performance that toured in Geneva , Bern , Zurich; Metamorphoses, pantomime , masks – performed at the VGIK, Moscow, Russia, for which he received an award.
Kire Gjorevski, together with Denitza Gerginikova and Milail Velkov, created Legend of Orpheus, and sucessfully toured Switzerland with this performance.
He is the author of the Rewind or Forward project and was pronounced the best monomime at the 9th international festival of monodrama in Bitola, Macedonia.
He has taken part in many international cinema productions, Bulgarian and international projects, festivals in Moscow, Russia; Leipzig, Germany; Athens, Greece; Geneva ,Bern, Zurich, Switzerland; the Varna Summer 2007 – the 15th  international festival in Varna; as well as 9th international monodrama festival in Bitola, Macedonia.
He was a student at the NOMAD Dance Academy 2008.