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LocoMotion CONTEMPORARY DANCE FESTIVAL  MNT, 26 October – 01 November view video

With the idea of creating a fresh new concept on the Macedonian cultural scene, the Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture initiated the LocoMotion festival.
LocoMotion aims to present contemporary dance practices and innovative choreographies by international authors, with an emphasis on authors from the Balkan region and Macedonia. more…

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Unlike Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s utopian idea of saving the world with beauty, art included, modern man is far more realistic in this regard. Neither beauty nor art could make any, even minor difference or change in the global political/economic processes. Art does not make changes, it only records them, as Martha Graham rationally notes. more…

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Festival Programme

26th October, Sunday
8:30 pm
Enter Achilles, 45`
Dance video, DV8 Physical Theatre
Originally created for the stage by Lloyd Newson and DV8 Physical Theatre
(Točka Cultural Centre) more…

27th October, Monday
8:00 pm
NEEM, 35`
Concept: Aleksandra Janeva (BE/HR) and Pisteffo (BE)
Choreography: Aleksandra Janeva
(Macedonian National Theatre, main stage) more…


JOHN, 20`
Creation and performance: Goran Bogdanovski (SI)
Creation process and directing: Tomi Janežič (SI)
(Macedonian National Theatre, main stage) more…

29th October, Wednesday
8:00 pm
IMAGO, 30`
Concept: Violeta Vitanova, Stanislav Genadiev (BG)
Choreography: Violeta Vitanova, Stanislav Genadiev, with the cooperation of the dancers
(Macedonian National Theatre, main stage) more…



Choreography and Dance: Marijana Savovska (MK/DE)

(Macedonian National Theatre, main stage) more…


Macedonian premiere
Concept, choreography and performance: Iskra Šukarova (MK) and Dejan Srhoj (SI)
(Macedonian National Theatre, main stage) more…

30th October, Thursday
8:00 pm
What is Contemporary Dance?
Presentations of the contemporary dance scenes in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the partner organizations of the NOMAD Dance Academy project; discussion on the stage needs, the cultural policy and development of the art form in the region, the cultural and political influence of contemporary dance and its significance in creating new theoretical discourses. more…

1st November, Saturday
8:00 pm
Choreography and performance: Kire Miladinoski (MK)
(Macedonian National Theatre, main stage) more…


Choreography and performance: Kire Gjorevski (MK)
(Macedonian National Theatre, small stage) more…

Macedonian National Theatre – Kliment Ohridski St, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Točka Cultural Centre – 15 Kliment Ohridski, behind the Kliment OhridskiChurch



Programme selector: Iskra Sukarova and Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski
Programme coordinator: Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski and Iskra Sukarova
Festival coordinator: Violeta Kachakova
PR: Marija Zafirovska
Technical coordinator: Kire Miladinoski
Assistants: Ana Lazarevska, Sandra Simonovska
Promotional material
Publisher: Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture
Introduction: Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski, Iskra Sukarova and Sonja Zdravkova - Džeparoska
Design: Ana Lazarevska and Slobodan Jakoski
Catalogue editor: Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski
Text еditors: Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski, Iskra Sukarova, Violeta Kačakova and Kalina Janeva
Proof reader: Kalina Janeva
Realization of promotional video: Goran Kjulavkovski
Print: Sken Point Skopje
Media sponsored by: TELMA TV, A2 TV, PRISTOP Kliping Skopje
Core team of Lokomotiva 2007/8:
Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski, executive manager; Iskra Sukarova, contemporary dance art director; Nataša Dimitrievska, video and film art director video and film; Violeta Kačakova, project manager.
Collaborators: Ljupčo Tanurovski, permanent external collaborator, technical support; Ana Josifovska, Kire Miladinoski, Ana Lazarevska and Sandra Simonovska

The festival is supported by:

Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans, European Cultural Foundation, Kultur Kontakt, City of Skopje and Cultural Programme of European Union

Thanks to: Točka Cultural Centre, press to exit project space, French Cultural Centre, British Council in Macedonia and Macedonian Centre for Photography.

Special thanks to the partner: Macedonian National Theatre

Тhe festival is realized within the NOMAD Dance Academy project