What is Lokomotiva
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LocoMotion would like to inform and allow reflection on current practices and discourses in the field of contemporary dance, locally and worldwide.

The festival programme aims to present performances identified as contemporary dance on the European scene, and thereby demonstrate the versatility and innovation of contemporary dance as some of the crucial aspects of art creation today.

By realizing the festival we would like to stress the importance of independent, innovative authors and productions by familiarizing the audience with contemporary dance. With the festival we would like to fill the void on our local scene, that is, the space not reserved for grand productions but for presenting new, progressive, innovative forms and independent authors.

Finally, as a modest attempt, the festival would like to start an initiative to revise cultural policies in our country and the region in order to open them up to the continuing processes of artistic innovation and to making room for new media of expression in art and culture.

Biljana Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski and Iskra Sukarova