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But, who is it that records the changes in art? Especially in the dance medium, directly connected with the human body, which carries the creation, that exists only in the moment of performance and is then lost forever. How could we preserve it as well as put it in a wider cultural context of some sort? In fact, to record and painstakingly gather the pieces of the puzzle, one needs to venture in cultural networking and exchange (employing once again the modern scientific vocabulary).
The newly formed LocoMotion festival is a way to accomplish these goals. Its thematic concerns are contemporary dance trends and experimental forms, which have always remained on the margins of official national cultural programmes in all societies. This field will bring a breath of fresh air in the cultural sphere of Macedonia. Macedonia, as well as the Balkans, needs initiatives and festivals of this sort since these activities are crucial in creating a valid image of the current movements and changes. Returning to Graham once again, contemporary art is the quickest to absorb changes and transfer them into its system of expression, and it is essential to observe them in the moment they have come to pass.
This festival is the beginning of a different, and certainly qualitatively positive, step towards affirmation, realization, connection and discussion, especially in the overly politicized Balkans. Another important segment in the programme is raising questions and dilemmas on a theoretical level, indispensable for framing the puzzle.

Sonja Zdravkova-Džeparoska, MA