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Kire Miladinoski - Eden Pravec Vnatre- Marija Trajkoska

Choreography: Kire Miladinoski (MK)
Performed by: Kire Miladinoski
Music selection: Kire Miladinoski
Light: Viktorija Ilioska
Music: Soma, Richard Horwitz & Sussan Deyhim
External advisor/mentor: Iskra Sukarova
Co-Production: Kire Miladinoski, Zodijak Dance Studio - Prilep, Macedonia in partnership with Lokomotiva - Centre for New Initiatives in Art and Culture, Skopje, Macedonia
Executive producer: Biljana Tanurovska
Duration: 17`
The performance has been realized with the help of the: Marko Cepenkov Cultural Centre National Institution– Prilep, Macedonia and Lokomotiva, Skopje, Macedonia.
The performance is presented at the: Balkan Dance Platform 2005 in Skopje, ARCO festival, Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria.

One Way Inside brings about the need of searching for the mysterious inner strength and the relentness freedom of spirit – a radiating energy – directed towards the bold search for our primal selves. There is only one way to finding the initial impulse in the conspicuous fragments of body language: running away from the ambiguity of our own selves and disassociating from all variables and trends. One means one of a kind.

Kire Miladinoski (1983) lives and works in Prilep. In 1998 he established the Zodijak Dance Studio for research, production and education in contemporary dance. Since 2003 he has been a member of the Lokomotiva Dance Atelier and through many workshops he has collaborated and studied with eminent representatives in the field of contemporary dance: Timothy J. Golliher, Alice Castillejo, Joel Borges, Christiane Loch, Silvano Mozzini, Gjergji Prevazi, Charles Linehan, Martin Sonderkamp, Allyson Green, Isabelle Schad, Yoshiko Chuma, Didier Theron, Tomas Guggi and Siobhan Davies. His works include Process-in-infinity-progress, Rebirth-Dance of the Gods, The Painter`s Vision, Little Night Game, Travelling – Priory of Sion and (Not)Close. He was pronounced best choreographer at the Makdance state modern dance festival in 2004, 2005 and 2006.
He was а NOMAD Dance Academy student in 2008.