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VILLAGER Choreography and Dance: Marijana Savovska (MK/DE)

Choreography and Dance: Marijana Savovska (MK/DE)

Duration: 20`
The performance has been realized with the help of the: Goethe Institute, Macedonia

Inspired by the history of SOS Childrens Village Organisation worldwide, choreographer Marijana Savovska tries to get closer through an intense research into the real-life stories of the SOS children and their destinies.
German Gmeiner was the founder of the SOS Childrens Village Organisation. He built the first village in Imst, Austria. The initial goal was to find new homes for the children orphaned after the Second World War and later on quickly developed into the biggest social organization worldwide to take care of all sorts of abandoned children in the world. Nowadays there are 1799 villages in 132 countries.
In the summer of 2004 she made a visit to the SOS Children Village in Skopje, Macedonia where she organized a one-week creative dance workshop for the children. ‘’I left the village with an enormous trace in my heart filled with love, happiness, trust, courage, that the children returned to me by saying thank you,’’ Savovska describes. WE DID NOT CHOOSE OUR PAST BUT WE CAN CHOOSE OUR FUTURE is the motto of every SOS villager, growing every single day…
Trough this solo the choreographer will fully motivated try to present a glimpse of the reality in which many children worldwide live: from their birth, when practically everything is ruined, to their success in finding a normal life path and growing into a normal living being on this planet.

Marijana Savovska was born in 1982 in Skopje, Macedonia. She attended primary and secondary school at the Ilija Nikolovski - Luj Music and Ballet Centre in Skopje. In 2003 she graduated at the SEAD Academy for Contemporary Dance Salzburg. There she worked with teachers such as Douglas Becker, Kate Mattingly, Joao Da Silva Jr., Libby Farr, Ellen van Schuylenburch, Gus Solomon Jr., MartinSondercamp, Ori Flomin, Yehuda Maor, Chrissa Parkinson, Bruno Jenti, Rebeca Murggi, or David Hernandes.
She attended additional workshops of Michael Forbes, Libby Farr, Angelique Willkie, Matthew William Smith, Piotr Ziemba, Cosmin Malonescu, etc. 
Currently she is working with the Theater Labor Bremen and Theater HildesheimShe has been invited to the Lucky Trimmer Festival, Berlin. She has so far worked for the UTAN freelance company in Hildeseheim, a dance company led by Carlos Matos at the Stadttheater Hildesheim, Germany; as part of the Susan Quinn dance company Featherweight, Salzburg, she has performed at the Salzburger Festspiele in the opera King Arthur directed by Jürgen Flimm and Nikolaus Hanoncourt, at the Choreography Platform in Austria created by Milli Bitterli,  at the Aspekte Festival Salzburg choreography by Georg Blaschke, as well as taken part in the film on Anna Netrebko The Woman, the Voice  directed by Vincent Paterson.
As a choreographer she created the pieces The Dream and, 2010, Samurai Flies, Biography, Villager.  She is a winner of the Second Prize for Choreography and Dance at the Competition Burghausen, Germany, together with Jenny Ecke and Teresa Mayer.