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What is Contemporary Dance?

– Presentations of the contemporary dance scenes in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia Bosnia and Herzegovina, and partner organizations of the NOMAD Dance Academy project; discussion of the needs, the cultural policy and development of the artform in the region, the cultural and political influence of contemporary dance and its significance in creating new theoretical discourses.

Why this title?
If we consider contemporary dance as a contemporary generator of new forms of expression and use of the body in continuous interaction with the cultural parameters, new technological achievements, media, music etc., that is, as a form that is not a form but is breaking the form of the classical ballet and re-appropriates modern ballet forms, a form that is continuously self-questioning and open to new possibilities. Thus What as an eternal philosophical question has to be posed as necessary, but at same time impossible and a question that we intentionally do not want to answer.

Guests of the discussion: Sonja Zdravkova – Džeparoska (dance critic and professor); Willy Prager (BrainStore Proiect, Bulgaria); Acin Dalija and Dragana Alfirević (Station – Service for Contemporary Dance, Serbia); Tamara Curić (TALA Dance Center, Croatia), Alexandra Janeva (an independent choreographer and dancer, living and working in Brussels and Zagreb); Stefania Kregl (Tanzelarija, Bosnia and Herzegovina); Goran Bogdanovski and Dejan Srhoj (Fičo Ballet, Slovenia)

Moderator of the discussion: Slavčo Dimitrov (activist, researcher and theoretician)