What is Lokomotiva

Celebration of 10th year of LOKOMOTIVA and the AWARD given to the organisation by SCP in the Western Balkan

Since its formation in 2008, LocoMotion - Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance marks itself as a format that deals with challenges and questions concerning the context in which the art is produced and communicated, such as processes of art production, new formats of a festival, diverse artistic expressions, extended choreographic practice, production and distribution of knowledge, etc.
In the last few years, LocoMotion exists somewhere between disappearance and being reborn as an immanent state dictated by the policies of funders.
Nowadays, the general policies driven by most of donators (international and local) are pushing the arts to become more productive in terms of creative industries, and festivals are formats where this should be stated, or proved. Policies, in that direction, are forming the general idea and the notion of a festival that is becoming a space where we should commodify the art into a selling product. This brings us to the following questions: Do we produce the art (spaces) we want to produce, or are we inclined to pursue the prеdetermined policies of the cultural context? Do we simulate or aggregate thoughts and positions that can resist the conditions as served?
We believe that LocoMotion needs to resist the generalities, to engage itself in critical reflection and intervention, to produce difference where we can make mistakes, to question, to experiment, to produce knowledge, to share and to surprise.
Therefore, we challenge the generalities and we bring the following questions and dilemmas with this year’s festival programme - Where is the perspective? What is the horizontal monarchy? What is the relationship between the artists and the audience? How can we discover the beauty of sharing, question codes of representation, etc. …?   
We must underline the position that we are investigating - the conditions in which art is produced, the relations that it forms, and with what actions we can change the ones that exist in our context.
With the help of the international partners and foundations that acknowledge our ideas, we are able to bring authors that are working on the aforementioned questions in different socio-cultural contexts. With the help of the authors and friends we are able to present the latest work of some Macedonian authors and performers, as well as being able to screen filmed performances.
The enthusiasm and the help of the Lokomotiva team and its friends allowed LocoMotion once again to continue being experiment-oriented format, and to deliver a programme referring to the socio-cultural problems and dilemmas. 

Program of the festival English
Program of the festival Macedonia

From 19-25 October, in MKC (Youth Cultural Centre) begins LocoMotion #6