What is Lokomotiva


One of the Lokomotiva’s main programme line is the PLATFORM FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN ARTS AND CULTURE – a programme dedicated to lifelong learning and development of the professional capacities in the field of art dedicated to artists, theorists, art critics, sociologists and cultural workers from independent art and cultural sector and for the members of the organization.

In the frame of this programme line Lokomotiva develops the ARTISTIC RESIDENCY programme that enables and supports professional development, contemporary artistic production, promotion of contemporary work and collaborative exchange of artists from Macedonia and aboard.

The ARTISTIC RESIDENCY programme enables residencies for artists from Macedonia in other countries, which provide conditions for the Macedonian artists to work and develop their contemporary works, exchange with the professionals and artists from the country where the residence is taking place, and promote the contemporary Macedonian art. Vice–versa this programme also enables artists from abroad to have their residencies in Macedonia, to present their work in the frame of different art programmes or festival, to become familiar with the Macedonian cultural and art context and to collaborate with the Macedonian artists and professionals in the field.

ARTISTIC RESIDENCIES realised in the frame of Programme for Decentralised Cooperation between the Region Lower Normandy (France) and the Republic of Macedonia, as part of the programme line for “Artistic Exchange” coordinated by Lokomotiva, Skopje

ARTISTIC RESIDENCIES realised in the frame APAP - Advancing Performing Arts Project. Lokomotiva is the Libero partner of the project working on support of Macedonian artists through residences and collaborative partnerships.