What is Lokomotiva

Future Read in Concrete and Stone
concept: Bojan Đorđev

in collaboration with: Selma Banich, Fernando Belfiore, Siniša Ilić, Damjan Kecojević, Ola Maciejewska, Katarina Popović, Manolis Tsipos; producer: Dragana Jovović, photography on location: Ivan Hrkaš; video editing: Jelena Maksimović, video sound: Jakov Munižaba, costume advice: Maja Mirković, PR: Milica Ševarlić and Jelena Knežević; production on behalf of Belgrade Youth Center: Marta Marković; technical realisation: light: Miloš Vasić, sound: Ivan Ćopić, video operator: Branko Banjanin

performed by: Selma Banich, Bojan Đorđev, Damjan Kecojević and Ola Maciejewska

In 1917, in the wake of the October revolution, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin claims in one of his writings, that the only way to stay truthful to the revolution is to treat it as art. Following this thought the authors of Future Read in Concrete and Stone study and read the Yugoslav monuments to the People’s Liberation Struggle as both traces of revolution and coordinates of new society.
Future Read in Concrete and Stone is a performance structure made of invitations: invitation to imagine, invitation to look and decipher the society, finally, an invitation to physically engage collective bodily intelligence. This performance is a gaze into communist art and politics of the 20th century, a trip to the partisan forests of Yugoslavia, a picnic at Kozara, Sutjeska and Kadinjača, a voluntary labour action for building a future through temporary and contingent experience of theatre.

production: Walking Theory, DasArts; co-produkcija: Belgrade Youth Centre;  Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture through Nomad Dance Academy and Life Long Burning.
financial support: Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia, European Union – program Culture

performances: January 25 and 27 at 8pm; 26 at 9pm, Belgrade Youth Centre
free entrance, please reserve at or email