What is Lokomotiva

In 2014 similar type of working visit was organized in Caen, Normandy, during which Violeta Kachakova and Jana Acevska (Lokomotiva’s collaborator in the filed of craft and design) had meetings with representatives of several institutions and association responsible for the development of the Craft sector in Normandy. This visit gave us information and knowledge on how the sector is structured and organized in Normandy and which are the potential fields of possible collaboration between actors and institutions from both territories.     
Joint interest for possible future collaboration was discussed in the fields of:

  • Exchange of knowledge and experiences in the organizational models of the Craft Sector on the national, regional and local level
  • Transfer of knowledge and know how in development of the metier des arts as special filed of artistic handicrafts
  • Education and exchange of professional experience by using different funding European funding programme dedicated to adult education, trainings, job-shadowing etc.
  • Innovation in the filed of Craft (for support and development of small enterprises) and creation of new possibilities for promotion by using the new technologies (on line platforms and selling models)
  • Mutual promotion

During the working visit meetings were organised with:

  • Vesna Avramovska, Creative Director of MATA – Macedonian Artisans Trade Association
  • Snezana Denkovska, Director of the Regional-Skopje Craft Chamber.

During this meeting Lokomotiva-Skopje and Skopje Craft Chamber organised presentation of both chambers (from Skopje and from Calvados – Orne) and of the project NDI - New Deal for Innovation, which offers tailored advice and expertise for support of small business in the Craft Sector

  • Visit/Meting with representatives of several working and selling ateliers of Creative Crafts situated in the old tow of Skopje
  • Meting with Isabelle MARCHI-BARBAUX – Director of the French Institute in Skopje and Sébastien BOTREAU-BONNETERRE, Institutional Cooperation Attaché at the Embassy of France in Macedonia
  • Borche Nikolovski – State Secretary and Zorica Cvetanova – Sector for Euro Integration and Creative Industries in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia and
  • Lovren Markikj – Head of Department for International Cooperation and Cooperation with NGO’s and Foundations - International cooperation unit

The meetings and discussions during this working visit shown the possible fields of interests for collaboration, among which: educational and exchange programme – workshops for children, exchange in models of production and promotion in the filed of metier des arts, support for small business in the craft sector etc., that can be developed in the frame of bilateral of European collaboration projects.