What is Lokomotiva

Shortly about the space 
KINO KULTURA as a project space for contemporary performing arts and culture in 2015 was founded by Theatre Navigator Cvetko and Lokomotiva- Centre for new initiatives in arts and culture.

Before, this space was known as cinema KULTURA, a significant cultural space, a monument of the Macedonian culture.
In this space first performance in Macedonian language was presented on 20th December 1944. Uranija was the first nomination of the space cinema (later renamed in Kultura) and it was built in 1937. After Second World War cinema Kultura had important role in development of the urban culture of the city.

Nowadays building is a private ownership and is rented and reformed in cultural space by Theatre of Navigator Cvetko and Lokomotiva- Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture with support by Municipality Centre.

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Theatre Navigator ::: Public readings of new theatre plays, development and production of theatre performances from Macedonian and international drama authors and theatre directors; Exploring new acting and theater techniques and aesthetics, Workshop for advanced theatre training and Theatre residencies. 
Lokomotiva ::: Collaboration with artists who create transdisciplinary between theatre, dance, movement and choreography and who are involved into research of the above mentioned disciplines and beyond them. Development of residencies, productions of conceptual dance and post- dramatic works, festivals, lectures- presentations, conferences and workshops, in which there will be reflected, reassessed and critically reconsidered innovative ideas.
Open space ::: Program that will be developed in collaboration with other organizations from the independent cultural scene and from wider civil sector, individuals and informal groups. This program is open for various artistic and cultural events 
Together :::::: Animation and educational programs for creative development of children and youth through theatre, dance, film and video; social and cultural activities for large social community.

Program lines of Theatre Navigator and Lokomotiva are developed by program editors. 

Open Space and Together are lines open for proposals and are not regulated by selection process and are not defined with aesthetic criteria nor curatorial concept.
Details of protocol for collaboration on these programs can be addressed on 

The founders of KINO KULTURA: Theatre Navigator Cvetko and Lokomotiva- Centre for new initiatives in arts and culture in collaboration with a partner- Municipality of Centar and other interested partners, artists, collaborators and experts will work on developing of the management model through project dedicated on research and development of specific model of cultural organization and space. 
The idea is to search for innovative solutions and possibilities for reforming KINO Kultura into public space and to explore how such organization and arts and culture space can contribute to social inclusion and citizen participation.

Model development will be realized through project supported by by Balkans Arts and Culture Fund (BAC)