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Present the video film:

"The cosmopolitan Domino letter, from cliché to cliché…"

18th of June (Saturday) in 20:30h

Lokomotiva - Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture as a part from its program for visual arts is presenting the video film "The cosmopolitan Domino letter, from cliché to cliché…" from the one year project called "DOMINO PROJECT", .

"DOMINO PROJECT" was realized with collaboration with the organizations: Media 2 Medireanne from Marseille, France, Lokomotiva - Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture from Skopje, Macedonia, Video Centre of Brussels (CVB), The Facilitators Training Centre (CFA) and “ La Marche à Suivre ” asbl from Brussel, Belgium and "Centre For Youth Creativity" from Belgrade, Serbia and Monte Negro.

"DOMINO PROJECT" consisted three phases: first phase was workshop on a local level where participants had lectures and practical work; in the second phase the participants were presenting their videos on the international workshop in Ohrid, where they also were shooting together the new video materials and in the third phase they edited the whole materials in Marseille (the materials from Ohrid and the materials they made in their countries).

The video film was scripted as a fusion of sounds and images, weather associated or dissociated, without using a spoken language. Filmed in various European cities (Skopje, Marseille, Brussels, Belgrade and Ohrid) the film is edited to follow the logic of someone strolling, seeking a common identity in an unidentified urban space. The film evokes travelling, searching, discovering, capturing glancing and the movement of bodies that come into contact with elements that define the sense of an unknown place. The images speak for themselves: they are accounts of the dreamlike communication with our environment, surpassing our socio-cultural features, with a thought provoking account on stereotypes and stigmas we have of each other.

The video film had premiere on 30 September 2004 in Marseille.

"DOMINO PROJECT" coordinators: Biljana Tanurovska (Lokomotiva, Macedonia) and Beatrice Brociner (Media 2 Medireanne, France).

Artistic director: Christophe Modica (France)

Realizations: Natasa Dimitrievska (Macedonia)
Ivica I. Ramiovic (Serbia)
Mohamed Ouachen (Belgium)


Macedonia: Maja Jakimovska, Daniela Nastovska, Ana Marija Mircevska, Aleksandra Micev, Jasna Trgasevska;
France: Brune Carasso, Britte Gireau, Audrey Espinasse, Ibrahim Hakimou, Kamal Hassane;
Serbia: Ana Kolar, Romana Vujasinovic, Vlada Pavic, Dusan Popovic;
Belgium: Najatt Akel, Jasmine Garcia El Gharbi, Mohamed Hajji, Anouar Moatassim, Wafi Kajoua.

"DOMINO PROJECT" is realized with the support of the European Union Youth Program, French Ministry of Youth General Council Bouches du Rhône and European Cultural Foundation.