What is Lokomotiva
PLATFORM(a) FOR CONTEMPORARY PERFORMING ARTS Program in DECEMBER (15 to 22) in Kino Kultura more

Life Long Burning/Wild Card Louise Trueheart more...


PLATFORM(a) is a new program of Lokomotiva, part of the Kino Kultura space for contemporary arts and culture,  and a new step  forward in our efforts to enhance development in the contemporary performing arts context in Macedonia. More….

DISSONANT (CO) SPACES a project by three NGOs Lokomotiva from Skopje, Foundation Jelena Santic from Belgrade and Loose Associations from Croatia. More

Situations 2016 – Skopje Episode
Kino Kultura / 9 – 11 October 2016

Nomad Dance Institute/Performance Situation Room programme of Nomad Dance Academy
European project Life Long Burning

From 9 to 11 October 2016 in Skopje-Macedonia, in the Centre for contemporary preforming arts art and culture -Kino Kultura we will research the ways of being together. more…


Nomad Dance Academy meeting (20-25.08.2016)

 The members of the Nomad Dance Academy Decision Making Board had a meeting with the goal to inform each other on the development of the programs and structures related to NDA and decide together on further steps of the platform - on the strategic, programming and financial levels. more


Critical Practice_Made in Yugoslavia programme (3rd Cycle, Second gathering) more…


Decentralised Cooperation between Lower Normandy and Macedonia

ARTISTIC RESIDENCY for the Macedonian visual artists Ana Lazarevska in the artistic association 2angles in Flers, Normandy – France
13 June – 02 July 2016

From 13 June to 02 July 2015, the artistic association 2anglesfrom Flers, Normandy,will host the Macedonian visual artist Ana Lazarevska, as artist in residence. The residency is part of “Artistic exchange” programme line of Decentralised cooperation programme between the Region Lower Normandy (France) and the Republic of Macedonia, coordinated by NGO Lokomotiva, Skopje and supported by the Region Lower Normandy and the artistic association 2angles. more…


Decentralised Cooperation between Lower Normandy and Macedonia

Initiating institutional collaboration between Normandy and Macedonia in the filed of creative crafts

 With an aim to create direct contacts between similar and sector related institutions from Macedonia and Normandy in the filed of craft, Lokomotiva organized working visit in Skopje (17-20 May) for Catherine Ploux - Director for Economic and Territorial Affairs in the Trade and Crafts Chamber of Calvados – Orne, Normandy. more…


LIFE LONG BURNING _Critical practice (made in Yugoslavia): Cycle 3 (2016/2017)_ Schedule of the gathering in Skopje, 2 – 7 May 2016/ more…


DANCE WORKS! programme of Life Long Burning project 
Deadline: 20 April 2016


CO-EXISTING is program co-realized by: Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia, Lokomotiva-Center for new initiatives in art and culture and Volunteers more

KINO KULTURA - space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary performing culture, project by Lokomotiva and Teatar na Navigator Cvetko. More

LIFE LONG BURNING - Dance works!_ premiere of co-production Future Read in Concrete and Stone, on 25th January, 2016 at 8.00 pm at the Belgrade Youth Centre, Belgrade more…